How to Locate, Find, Repair & Stop Drafts & Air Leaks When Trying to Heat Your Chicago, IL House

When it comes to the winter months, the weather is frigid and people use their heater day and night. The temperature outside is no longer comfortable and using a heating system like a standard heater, boiler or furnace is a great way to enjoy that comfort inside. When you switched your unit to heat you should have an HVAC inspection to ensure that all the connections are strong and the unit is not needing any repairs. The repairs and maintenance is an extremely important part of keeping your heating unit running efficiently. Although that contributes to energy efficiency there is more that you can do. If you are running your heater and warming up your home you don’t want to lose any of the heat. When you are losing heat you are losing money and wasting energy. The best way to keep this from happening is to find the draft.

AM PM Heating & Air Conditioning Lists What You Can Do To Find the Draft in Your Home

Can You Feel A Draft Near Doors & Windows: This is the most common way to find a draft in a room. When you are in your nice warm home and you walk past an area and feel a cool draft you found the general area to the air leak. The most common spots that this happens is near the doors and the windows in your home. You can check all the doors and windows for a draft by putting your hand around the sealed edge to see if you feel anything. There should not be any change in the temperature in the area. The biggest problem that causes this to happen is the weather stripping around the door or window has gone bad. It can be pulled out of place or just dried out and cracked. Either way it needs to be repaired to stop the air from drafting in that area.
Use a Candle to Find Air Leaks in House: The problem with a small draft is that it is still stealing your nice warmed air just the same. If there is a smaller draft and you are not sure if you can feel it there is another way. You can go old school and use a candle. Light an exposed candle and put it in front of the area that you are concerned about. If the flame flickers you know that there still is a draft happening. If you are not interested in trying this method you can hire a professional. AM PM Heating & Air Conditioning has special air leak detection tools that can help find the draft so it can be sealed.

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Once you have all the areas that could be losing your heated air sealed back up you should have your unit serviced. The service will ensure that the unit is working and that if there are any repairs that are needed they are taken care of. Then you will have a great working unit that is ready to heat your home. AM PM Heating & Air Conditioning offers expert air conditioning and heating services. Contact us to schedule your next inspection, tune up or other service today!

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